Inseparable: A New Adult Erotic Romance

"I've loved you since that first day when you saved my life..."

Life has never been easy for Julie. Between working her minimum wage job and living with a mother who never seemed to grow up, she couldn't ever find time to have a relationship of her own. After she meets Jack, a man who seems to have it all, she's surprised to find how miserable a wealthy family man's life can be.

When Jack's wife Sophie chafes at her dull marriage, she files for divorce. Worse, she files for sole custody of their kids, seizes half their assets, and continues to try and make Jack's life miserable. It's only through a new relationship with Julie that he's able to keep it together.

However, when it rains, it pours. Julie has a secret that could tear the budding relationship apart. Jack's great job and standing in the community evaporates underneath him. Will their relationship wither under the combined force of fate and a vengeful ex-wife?

Or can they listen to their hearts and stay the way they truly feel... inseparable?

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Perfect Match (Inseparable #2)

“If Trey doesn’t feel right, maybe your heart’s trying to tell you something.”

Polly had always been the good girl. Between her college program and her job as a pharmacist, she never did have time for men in her life. So when she takes a family trip with her friends Julie and Jack down to the Bayou, she's surprised to find two men that pursue her with equal fervor. Trey is a suave marketer, just graduated from college, a man with a future. His cousin, Kurt, works for a shipping company after dropping out of high school.

It seems like Trey has everything that Polly wants. He's going places, he's a fantastic lover, and he seems to be falling for Polly just as hard as she is falling for him. He's her perfect match.

So why does she keep thinking of Kurt...

This title is available exclusively from Amazon.

Something Different (Inseparable #3)

“Please don't stop trying...”

Charlotte has two problems: She is a twenty-four year-old virgin with an irrational fear of sex and she's seeing a guy who makes her knees weak.

When Christopher gets too close, she panics and pushes him away to keep from being hurt when he eventually finds out her secret fear. She imagines it will be easy to move on without him, but discovers playing *hard to get* is his big weakness.

Dating a man with Christopher's experience fills Charlotte with fears and doubts, and the rules for dating and hooking up confuse her. But when someone from his past appears, she finds her trust being tested to its limits.

Will their relationship wither under the stress of her fear? Or will the winding path they follow lead to something different... and perhaps even better than she dreamed?

This title is available exclusively from Amazon.

Undeniable: A Bisexual Bromance (Undeniable #1)

“All I know for sure is that I want this.”

For Matt Carpenter, sharing a room with a stranger might have been awkward, but Derek Tolbert and Matt get along better than either man expected. From their shared love of jazz and technology to beautiful women, the men get to know each other while hitting the slopes at Red River.

After meeting Ana over breakfast, the men's friendly competition for her affection results in Ana deciding she doesn’t want to chose between the two men.

When the trio decides to take things behind closes doors, Matt is surprised to discover his friendly affection for Derek shifts to an unexpected attraction. Their connection is undeniable, but can their newfound friendship survive what happens next?

This title is available exclusively from Amazon.